Magnetic Ballast for TC-F or TCL

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Reliable entry-level gear in compact design. PC TEC has everything a ballast needs to be able to reliably operate a fluorescent lamp.

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EC magnetic ballasts for fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps and the luminaire insets for compact fluorescent lamps UEC are robust and extremely cost-effective solutions with long lives. The wide range of low-loss chokes in energy efficiency classes B2 and B1 from Tridonic covers all the relevant applications and ensures that the lamps are operated as specified.

All EC magnetic ballasts for luminaire installation are characterised by minimal energy consumption, compact windings, optimised dimensions and high-quality materials.

Optimised for specified lamp operation
EC magnetic chokes ensure that the preheating current, ignition voltage and lamp current all remain
within the specified tolerances for optimum operation of fluorescent lamps.

Long lamp life can only be achieved by preheating the electrodes before the ignition voltage is applied to the lamp. The EC units heat to precisely the right temperature because if the preheat current is too low or too high the lamp electrodes will be destroyed and the life of the lamp cut short.

Standards and approval marks
EC magnetic chokes from Tridonic are ENEC certified, carry the CE mark and meet all the relevant European as well as international standards relating to safety, operation and electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC).

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89003601 EC 18/20 220/60 LN, 89000330 EC 36/40 220/60


230 V, 50 Hz

Max. winding temperature tw

130 °C

ConCut (insulation displacement connection

0.5 – 1.5 mm²


18W, 36W


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